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Monday, August 09, 2010 by Netforge

There’s a phrase bandied around that says “Content is King”. We’ve probably all heard it a thousand times before, but it’s absolutely correct when you’re building any sort of media project that is meant to convey a message or idea.

“Great content should be there right from the start, this includes text, logos, ideas and photography.”

Photographic content is an easy topic to talk about; the majority of people out there are visual people, they see before they actually read and interpret paragraphs of text. If you can send a message or set a theme with imagery, you’re already half way there to getting your visitors to stick around.

There is a stark difference between professional photos with proper lighting and technique and those taken with a cheap digital still camera. It’s things like this that that really lift a website or advert to it’s full potential and get that positive reaction from people. As designers, it’s music to our ears when we can deal with this sort of quality of photo, another suitable saying is garbage-in, garbage-out (poor quality photo content will end in a sub-par result). This of course applies to all content.

Don’t think you’re alone when it comes to content, your agency or designer should take your ideas onboard and provide some feedback, and if possible you might want to hire the services of a copywriter and/or other professionals in the industries you need.

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  1. I find this to be the case so often, too much effort spent on design, not enough on what it's meant to be communicating!

    Comment by Steve F. — Aug 9, 2010

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