Connecting with customers using Twitter.

Monday, May 24, 2010 by Netforge

Twitter has evolved into the perfect business tool for quickly connecting with customers. With our busy lifestyles, people are looking for ways to condense a lot of information into a single “stream” – which is exactly what Twitter does.

How can this help your own business you might be thinking? The brilliance of social networking is that it brings personality and a friendly face to the table. Your yellow pages advert and business listings may bring in leads, social networking however, allows you to connect and develop a strong online presence that can help to develop a lasting relationship.

Local venue The HWY Hotel have been a social media success story in Adelaide – so much so that they have written a post detailing how Twitter has worked for them:

“Where did our success come from? Is it because we engage our guests and answer their questions? Is it because users can put a face to the tweets & posts”

Read more about their views and opinions here.

Setting up promotions, and having questions asked to you in a short, electronic format can even help you save time with customer support, with the added bonus that every single word you write is added to search engines. We also suggest adding your Twitter or Facebook feed to your website, to keep your content fresh.

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  1. Love the Highway - keep it up!!

    Comment by Sarah — Sep 15, 2011

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